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All of our products are hand-crafted once ordered and 100% American made!
Excellent craftmanship - Oak or Pine - Many sizes, styles, and options - 8 stain choices - Tapered slotted racks and unique rotating posts for convenient earring storage.
These are personal, long lasting gifts for yourself, a  friend, or a loved one. 
Our products are made to order, making each piece unique and special.
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Here are a few examples of some of our custom hand-crafted jewelry organizers:
On Sale!

On Sale!

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Oak SpecialOak Special
2' x 1' Pine On Sale2' x 1' Pine On Sale
1' x 2' Pine On Sale1' x 2' Pine On Sale
Organize and Display your Jewelry...on your Wall!
Oak or Pine - many sizes, stains, and other custom options
Go to our Jewelry Organizers page to create your custom jewelry organizer.
Necklace Organizers and Wall Mirrors are also available.
Please visit our Testimonials, Gallery, and Ordering Info pages to learn more about our products.
All our products are 100% American made from hand selected wood, and delivered completely assembled and ready to mount on your wall.
Get those earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets out of those drawers and bowls, and display them on your wall!!  This wall hanging jewelry organizer* is an attractive and effective way to organize, store and display your jewelry, all at the same time. This is a custom, handcrafted jewelry box that is an excellent earring organizer and earring holder, because it's design is so convenient and attractive compared to any other earring jewelry box available.  Many sizes and options are available, as well as matching unique wall mirrors and wall necklace holders, bracelet holders, and ring holders.
*patent pending
What sizes are available?   (11 sizes)
1ft  x 1ft (sq.) to 4ft (wide) x 3 ft (high)
What options are available?
(Necklace Hooks Included on all Jewelry Organizers)
-Oak or Pine                 -Stain (view Stains page)                   
-Mirror Back               -Varnish
-Wood Back                 -Jewelry Cabinet (Jewelry Armoire)
*Options vary in price depending on the product size.  Any jewelry organizer purchased without any options chosen will be a handcrafted jewelry box shipped nude, open-back, and with only rotating posts only earring racks for earring tree storage.
We have 2 styles of Wall Mount Jewelry Organizers available:

2' x 1' oak jewelry organizer, early american, varnish, wood back

Rotating Post Type

Rotating Post / Earring Rack
(choose "Combo" as option when ordering)
How Does it Work?
Our wall hanging jewelry organizer specializes as an earring holder and an earring organizer.  Rather than having earrings stored in drawers or in an earring jewelry box, you can display all of you earrings attractively on your wall.  The design of our earring organizer not only displays the earrings you have, but allows you to easily store or remove all types of earrings from it.  The rotating posts do exactly that, rotate away from the wall for convenient placement or removal of your earrings.  This earring tree can store and display all types of earrings.  Post-type earrings can be stored (through pinholes) with backs attached, loop earrings can be slid over the end, and hook-back earrings can be hooked over the top or through the pinholes.  Also, backless earrings will stay in place if stored  through the pinholes due to the angle the pinholes.
If you choose the earring rack option (see photo below) for your wall mount earring tree, you can see that many types of earrings can be stored on that side.  This option is very effective for post-type earrings with backs, because it displays the earrings, keeps the backs with the earrings, and is very convenient to place and remove the earrings from the hanging jewelry organizer.
Aside from being a terrific earring tree, it holds and dispays other types of jewelry as well.  Necklace hooks along the bottom allows you to hang necklaces and bracalets there.  Necklaces do not get tangled, even if you store 3 or 4 necklaces per hook.  Rings can be slid onto the end of the Rotating-Post "stems", as well as set on the top or bottom of the jewelry organizer frame.

2' x 2' oak jewelry organizer, combo, english chestnut, varnish

Why Buy This Jewelry Organizer?
Our jewelry organizer does not only organize your jewelry, but it displays it attractively and effectively.  It will save you time, and every day, you can look at your jewelry at a glance, and choose your jewelry that goes best with your outfit.
This earring organizer will keep your pairs of earrings together with their backs.  It will eliminate digging and looking for earrings, backs, or partners.
Our jewelry armoire will actually be an attractive part of your bedroom or bathroom decor.  You can order in oak or pine, with the choice of 8 stains, and match the rest of your room's decor.  It is like having a unique picture on the wall that happens to display your jewelry as well.  You may order an unfinished jewelry armoire, and spray paint it any color you choose.
You can order any size wall hanging jewelry organizer you like to suit your personal jewelry storage needs, as well as choosing dimensions that fit that special place on your wall.
When you own a wall mount handcrafted jewelry box, you can mount it in any room.  It does not need to be in the bathroom where your make-up is.  Our wall mount wooden jewelry boxes are attractive and effective in closets, bedrooms, and offices as well.
For what our Jewelry Organizers accomplish, they are very competitively priced, as well as being a handcrafted jewelry box, unique, and very functional.  Like a bed, this is a product you will use, appreciate, and benefit from, every day. 

Each of the 2 styles are also available with the Jewelry Cabinet option.  This wall mount Jewelry Armoire is deeper (5  1/2") than the standard open models (1  1/2").  This allows for an extra row of necklace hooks along the bottom, as well as more jewelry storage on the door.

Choose the "Cabinet" option to get your oak jewelry armoire or your pine jewelry armoire.  If you are looking for an unfinished jewelry armoire, do not choose a stain as an option.

Necklace Organizers Available!
Our wall mount necklace holdersbracelet holders, and ring holders are simple, attractive, and very funtional.  The design includes long shoulder hooks that are spread out far enough so jewelry does not overlap, and allows for many items to be stored on the same hook.  These necklace organizers and bracelet holders are available in different lengths and  widths, with various additional options.

Mirrors Available!

Matching unique wall mirrors are also available in various sizes.  Just click on the Mirrors page. Necklace hooks are available, but not included with mirrors.

Additional Notes
All major credit cards accepted (see below)
Refer to Stains page to view choices.
Necklace hooks are spaced 2" apart along bottom of products
Great for guys, too!
Easy to clean!
Buy unfinished and spray paint any color you choose
Jewelry Organizers hold 20+  pairs of earrings per square foot
Please use caution when unpacking and mounting your wall hanging jewelry organizer.


Ordering instructions:
1.  Determine the size of the wall hanging jewelry organizer that best suits your needs.  All earring organizers and jewelry armoires are listed on the Jewelry Organizers page width x height .
2.  Determine the type of wood you would like your handmade jewelry box to be constructed with; oak or pine.  The wooden jewelry boxes are listed on the Jewelry Organizers page with an orange background for pine jewelry armoires and with a gold background for oak jewelry armoires. 
3.  Familiarize yourself and determine which options you would like your earring holder to have.  The handmade jewelry boxes shown on the Jewelry Organizers page have various options that have been previously ordered.  Also, you can click on photos on the home page to view additional photos of our earring organizers.  Any earring holder ordered without any options chosen will be a handcrafted jewelry box shipped nude, open-back, and with rotating posts for earring tree storage.
Available Options:
- Mirror Back
- Wood Back
- Stain (see Stains page, 8 choices)
- Spray-on Varnish
- Cabinet (Jewelry armoire)
4.  Proceed to the Jewelry Organizer page and find the wall hanging jewelry organizer that you wish to order by size and wood type. Select the options that you desire for your custom wooden jewelry box.  You may also want to order a matching jewelry wall mirror or necklace holder and ring holder from our Mirrors pageor Necklace Organizers page.
5.  "Check Out"
www.WallJewelryOrganizer.com products are completely assembled and ready for mounting.

Wall Jewelry Organizer offers an exclusive blend of jewelry boxes and earring organizer products.  Our handmade jewelry boxes include our wooden jewelry box, the handy earring tree and earring holder, or the visually stunning jewelry armoire available in a classic pine or oak jewelry armoire and the unfinished jewelry armoire.  Our unique handcrafted jewelry box adds a great touch to your room or studio.  Your old jewelry organizer and earring jewelry box will become things of the past once you see your eye-catching jewelry on display in our hanging jewelry organizer.  We have matching jewelry wall mirrors available in various sizes as well.
Thank you for visiting Walljewelryorganizer.com!

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